Why Restructuring the Narrative Around Size-Inclusivity is Necessary

Why Restructuring the Narrative Around Size-Inclusivity is Necessary

Do you look in the mirror and analyze all the negatives?

Do you get discouraged walking into a clothing store just knowing you won’t find anything that fits properly?

Do you hate trying swimwear on because you’re ashamed of your cellulite?

Guess what...it’s normal and far too common to feel that way. Why? This idea that being over a size 4, having stretch marks and cellulite, not being curvy enough, etc. is bad, has been ingrained in our minds either consciously or subconsciously through the constant portrayal of what the media defines as “beautiful” and we actually begin to believe it. This is why we need to restructure the narrative around size and body-inclusivity. 

With all of the face-altering Instagram filters, influencers who promote fad diets and “magic” pills, and brands who make only people below a size 10 feel worthy, we need to adapt and embrace size-inclusivity. Size-inclusivity is important for everyone, not just us with curves. Everyone deals with body image issues, whether you’re a size 4 or a size 24, if you have a 6-pack or that perfect hourglass figure, everyone has insecurities and Goldesse wants to fight back and change this destructive narrative.

The Size-Inclusive Clothing Struggle

When you hear ‘size-inclusive clothing’, what pops into your head? Old fashioned clothing, long skirts, loose dresses, tankini swimwear? Yeah, that’s the narrative that continues to plague the industry. As a plus-size girl who loves fashion, this makes the search for trendy, quality clothing feel impossible at times. 

It isn’t unusual to have 9+ website tabs open in the search of one cute puff sleeve dress or a high-waisted bikini and then order one of each just hoping something will fit well. Don’t even get me started on finding body-inclusive clothing that is both high-quality and sustainable. It’s 2021, the desire to purchase items that are eco-friendly, sustainable, and slow fashion are on the rise, but the number of extended-size options out there are still slim to none or they cost a small fortune.


This lack of representation is even greater in the luxury space, where brands are still confined to sample sizes and rarely showcase size-inclusive bodies on the runway. Personally, I think that once movements began among curve bloggers and models, it started a wildfire that made headlines and drummed up discussion around why luxury fashion lacks inclusivity. Seeing models like Ashley Graham graze magazine covers and brands like Christian Siriano including curve models on the runway, started to peak the importance of representation in luxury fashion. Brands look to high-fashion as a standard, from what the trends are for spring season, to what fabrics are on the rise, to social media creative direction. We have to give credit where credit is due and applaud the brands that are making the stride towards inclusion so every woman can strut down the street, or in this case jump in the ocean, in elevated luxury.

The need for inclusive sizing is not just so everyone can go out and buy the same clothing items, but it is so everyone, regardless of size, can have the opportunity to express themselves, wear what makes them feel confident, and feel like they are welcome and included. While yes, over the past few years, brands have really started to step up their game by announcing extended size ranges and including more body-positive content in their campaigns, which we obviously love to see, there is still a long way to go. However, it is still exciting to see more and more companies embrace the inclusion of different shapes and sizes, skin tones, and varying ages and genders. Goldesse Swimwear is one of those brands paving the way and breaking boundaries of what is considered “the norm” in the luxury, sustainable swimwear world.

Powerful. Beautiful. Sexy. Confident. Words that every woman should feel when they look in the mirror, regardless of any perceived flaw. You know when you put on an outfit and you just feel GOOD, like so good that you start to smize in the mirror and pose as if you’re on America’s Next Top Model? That is the way I felt when I put on my Goldesse suit for the first time and I rarely say that about swimwear.

I applaud Goldesse Swim for creating beautiful swimwear that is designed to make every woman feel this way. They clearly put the work in to make their suits flattering and supportive, no camel toe or sagginess here! That’s why Goldesse Swimwear is such a game-changer in the swimwear industry. 

Embrace Size-Inclusivity. Love Yourself.

We all have up and down moments when it comes to loving our bodies. Everyone has those stories, memories, and moments that stand out when you think about a time when you experienced something negative about your body, but you don’t think about the moments where you love yourself for all that you are. Those moments and feelings of self-love and acceptance are what you should remember and recognize moving forward. 

For me, my moment of perpetual confidence and acceptance was when I slipped on a little black dress, put on some red lipstick, and went out dancing with friends on the coast of Valencia, Spain. That happiness of just dancing like no one’s watching and living in the moment made me realize that dwelling over my less than flat stomach in my tight dress was not worth standing in the corner and wasting the night away. Needless to say, find that thing that makes you glow and boosts your confidence, because you, my darling, are beautiful.

Dance like no one’s watching. Love Yourself. Wear the mini dress. Rock that Goldesse bikini!