Size guide

It can take time to get familiar with a brands sizing and fit so here are some tips to help you make a more informed decision when buying our pieces…




If you’re between sizes, keep in mind the coverage you want. In general, we would suggest sizing down in swimwear as swimwear can stretch slightly overtime. It’s worth knowing that our Jet rib fabric has more stretch than our solid colour options. For this reason we don’t suggest sizing up for this style. Our fuller bust customers who are unsure if they should size up or down should bear in mind that all of our tops have 3 adjustments on the back.


In general we recommend that you should size up if you find that swimsuits come up short in the length…. HOWEVER our Jet rib suit has a generous amount of stretch and is an off the shoulder style which will lessen the risk of it falling short. It is our plan to release long torso options in future collections so please watch this space.


If you’re a fuller bust customer and are unsure if our styles will fit we recommend sizing up. Our tops have 3 adjustments in the back so if you do decide to size up you are able to keep a snug fit around the back. The 3 adjustment detail was added specifically with a fuller bust customer in mind. We know that a full bust does not equal a full band. Need bra size references? Our models wear a 40DD for a size 16 ( on the last adjuster) and 32D for a size 8 ( on the tightest adjuster)


Straps that aren’t adjustable might seem like a no go if you have small shoulders however our Oriana straps have been fit assessed and amended three times ( even since our shoot) to ensure they can suit a smaller shoulder. If you’re really unsure we suggest sizing down.


“They don’t ride up do they?” is the most common question we are asked about bikini bottoms. If you find bikini bottoms tend to ride up there could be several things at play. We recommend sizing down for our jet rib styles and staying true to size or sizing up for our solid colour fabrics. The Oriana brief was designed to just touch the belly button and have a mid coverage with a higher leg. The Solara swimsuit leg shape has been based on the Oriana brief.